Here are some resources available to any person who feels they have been harassed or mistreated in their workplace.

Lawyers Club of San Diego

Lawyers Club of San Diego is a specialty bar association with the mission to advance women in the law and society. Its Sexual Harassment Task Force worked as a member of the Workplace Equity Initiative to explore the topic of workplace equity challenges and to develop a sample code of conduct for San Diego employers. The task force also developed toolkits for use by employees and employers in the legal community and in other industries.

National Conflict Resolution Center

Conflicts arise in every aspect of lifeā€”at home and work, in classrooms and communities. When effective communication strategies reveal common ground, people are empowered to overcome differences. The National Conflict Resolution Center provides services and training that transform conflict into resolution.

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The San Diego Union-Tribune

Sample of Workplace Equity Code of Conduct


Other resources:

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - (800) 669-4000

National Association of Working Women - (800) 522-0925

National Bar Association, Women Lawyers Division - (202) 842-3900

National Sexual Assault Hotline - (800) 656-4673

National Women's Law Center - (202) 588-5180

U.S. Department of Labor, Women's Bureau - (800) 827-5335