Call To Action

The Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative asks all San Diego employers to adopt the commitment to partner with us and others as we strive for work environments in San Diego free of harassment and gender discrimination. Sign the Workplace Equity & Civility Commitment form here or email a PDF copy to Ivy Kosmides, Ph. D. at

Once you have adopted this Workplace Equity & Civility Commitment:

This partnership with you is essential to achieving success for the initiative.

To take this initiative to the next level in San Diego, the partnership of Lawyers Club of San Diego, The San Diego Union-Tribune and the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), allows us to reach a larger audience for the commitment and also offer an optional certification program to participants.

NCRC, with its longstanding reputation in the community, offers an alternative training program that qualifies for the state-mandated sexual harassment training. Taking the NCRC trainings is not required in order to be a signer to the commitment, but rather it is an option for further advancement of this important initiative. Further, the Union-Tribune will periodically publish a list of those organizations that have both signed the commitment and completed the NCRC training. Upon completion of the NCRC training, you will be certified as a workplace dedicated to equity and civility and will be provided with the official seal that you can place on your website.

We appreciate your support of the Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative!